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Trouble Shooting Logic (TSL)

The Trouble Shooting Logic workshop gives participants the tools and skills to resolve priority concerns. They learn to identify deviations in their work place, to find the cause of deviations, to make choices or recommendations, to anticipate and avoid future deviations and to understand the basics of the Human Performance System. The workshop also provides a common language and a systematic approach, enabling the participants to facilitate discussions with customers, internal contacts, and vendors.

What Employees Learn

  • Status Assessment
    • How to identify the issues requiring your action
    • How to clarify issues and establish priority
    • How to Plan a strategy for resolving each issue, including the type of participation, the accountability for results and the system for measuring and evaluating accomplishments
  • Deviation Analysis
    • How to gather, sort and organize the information needed to analyze a Deviation
    • How to collect and analyze data to confirm the root cause of a deviation
    • How to plan appropriate actions to effectively deal with the deviation.
  • Choice Analysis
    • How to clarify and identify the boundaries for making a Choice or preparing a recommendation
    • How to establishing clear criteria and how to determine if they are mandatory or desirable
    • How to develop a plan to generate a good range of options
    • How to use available information and judgment to evaluate and select an option;
    • How to assess the down side risks associated with an option and select the option that best balances gain with risk
    • How to plan for the implementation of an option and evaluate its outcome.
  • Plan Implementation Analysis
    • Determine when and how to recognize specific future deviations which have not yet happened
    • How to Identify and select actions to prevent the future deviations from occurring
    • How to identify and plan actions that will minimize the effects of future deviations, should they occur
    • How to develop the information system to anticipate and act on future deviations.
    • Determine when and how to recognize specific Future Opportunities
    • How to identify and select actions to cause the future opportunity to occur;
    • How to identify and plan actions that will maximize the benefits of future opportunities, after they have happened
    • How to develop an information system to anticipate and act on future opportunities.


When employees understand the elements of good trouble shooting and decision making and have the common language our workshop provides, the quality of their work improves:

  • they find the cause of deviations more quickly
  • they select more effective long-term fixes
  • they avoid problems when implementing a plan
  • they learn to deal with causes, not symptoms, resulting in less down-time and higher quality.

In addition, client interaction becomes both more efficient and more effective, as does change implementation.

Who Should Attend

Trouble Shooting Logic is designed for technicians, supervisors and managers in line and staff functions at all levels of the organizations. The workshop can be tailored for a specific population within the intended audience by varying the emphasis.

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Case Study

Client Receives 800% Return On Investment

A manufacturing client organization trained 30 of its personnel in Trouble Shooting Logic over the course of six days for a total investment of $30,000.00.

Before the six days was over, the PARTICIPANTS achieved the following results:

  • Documented annual savings of $218,022.00 from problems solved during the workshop through our Deviation Analysis process;
  • Documented one-time cost avoidance of $30,537.32 by foreseeing and avoiding problems through our Plan Implementation Analysis process;
  • Numerous intangibles for which no monetary figure could be readily supplied, such as
    • Improved quality
    • Increased reliability
    • Reduced start up time
    • Increased skills

HERE'S THE MATH: the client saved at least $248,559.32 for an investment of $30,000.00. Before the workshop was over, the client had realized an ROI of at least 800%.

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