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Skillful Dialogue

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Interpersonal conflict wastes valuable time and energy. It distracts employees from the job at hand, lessens their ability to work cooperatively with others, and inhibits retention of top performers. The Skillful Dialogue workshop provides the knowledge and skills for participants to see through the fear, anger and frustration of conflict to the opportunities and potential for constructive outcomes. This training utilizes lecture, discussion and structured practice to promote a deeper understanding of the sources of conflict, one’s personal conflict resolution “style,” and steps to resolve conflict effectively.


Upon conclusion of this training, participants will

  1. Know the 5 typical approaches to conflict, understand which approach they typically use to deal with conflict and be able to explain the advantages/disadvantages of each mode in given situations;
  2. Understand/Be able to apply the Skillful Dialogue principles
    1. Know what you want
    2. Safety first
    3. Manage your script
    4. State your truth
    5. Explore their truth
  3. Be proficient in the use of the Skillful Dialogue process; and
  4. Have developed Commitments to Action to deal with present and potential conflicts in the workplace.


The skills developed in this workshop will enable participants to more effectively

  • defuse potential conflict,
  • resolve current conflict,
  • improve communications and morale, and
  • develop and maintain the positive climate needed for talent retention.


This training is ideal for all personnel in all organizations.

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Client Testimonial

"Rob's workshop was a refreshing change from the type of Staff Development sessions we usually experience.  Not only was his workshop interesting and informative; it was also fun.  His discussion of how expectations are set, broken, and then re-negotiated was a down-to-earth reflection of the way relationships work.  However, Rob went beyond a study of principles, explaining practical, do-able steps to follow when conflicts arise.  Rob's workshop provided us with practical skills and a common body of knowledge that we have been able to refer to and use in faculty meetings, parent conferences, as well as in the classroom.  His training has made a real difference in how we interact with each other, how well we work together, and how we handle problems with students and parents.

I would recommend Rob Benson and his Conflict Resolution training to any group, large or small."

Betsy Selby, Teacher, Vicksburg-Warren School District

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