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Rob is a "driver" personality of legendary proportions. He has a phenomenal capability to drive consensus amongst people of various perspectives,can move complex business issues forward, and has the ability to get people to engage and meaningfully commit in order to make important things happen. He's also one of those rare people of great integrity and character. I cannot recommend Rob more for work that taps into his multitude of professional talents.

Elizabeth Allen, Principal, MarketSmartz

Reality-Based Technologies Mastery (RBTM)

For organizations to drive site-wide Reality-Based results, key individuals need additional knowledge and skills.

Participants in the RBTM workshop acquire


The advanced knowledge and skills gained in the RBTM workshop

  • lead to better decisions, deviations solved more quickly, and more problems avoided;
  • can served as a cornerstone for greater results and career advancement.

RBTM Learning Process*

RBTM is ONLY delivered as an in-house series of workshops that is customized to your current reality. Following assessment, we develop the learning package, which rolls out over a mutually-agreeable time frame. During the in-class sessions, participants deepen their skills, begin applying those skills, and develop plans for how they will continue to resolve identified issues. In between class sessions, participants complete required readings and continue issue resolution with electronic support from an assigned coach.

*NOTE: RBTM requires prior investment in a Trouble Shooting Logic "pre-exposure" workshop in order to prepare participants to learn the advanced skills.

Contact an FSTD representative to learn how Reality-Based Technologies Mastery can be customized for your organization

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Case Study

A Reality-Based Technologies Mastery Workshop was developed to client specifications in order to get the leaders to drive the use of Trouble Shooting Logic among it's already-trained employees. Most of the site leadership attended this workshop.

Key Results: During an 8 month period, one manager documented 53 separate examples of the benefits of RBTM and the resulting improvements in his department's Process Management Systems. A few examples are:

  • $3.5 million savings per year due to a new fines disposal Process Management System,
  • $400,000 per year reduction in chemical usage,
  • $180,000 per year due to improved systems,
  • $200,000 per year reduction in steam usage,
  • $78,000 per year in reduced land fill costs,
  • $63,000 per year due to improved filter systems, and
  • $51,000 per year from one Pulp Mill Fact / Comparator analysis.

The miscellaneous savings are too numerous to document. Including a $5 million cost avoidance, the combined savings of all the documented examples exceeded $10 million. Much of the savings is ongoing.

Bottom Line: following this intervention, this site moved from worst to first in terms of its results, when compared to its five sister production facilities.

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