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Performance System Analysis

Every employee works within a performance system with identifiable elements, whether or not this system has been thoughtfully designed and implemented or not. This performance system either fully supports employee performance, or it doesn't.

A Reality-Based Technology, the Performance System Analysis workshop improves the manager / supervisor's / team leader's ability to analyze, understand and then systematically address the human performance system so that the job gets done on time, right, continuously.

The tools and techniques learned are based on the Performance System Model. All of the components of the Performance System are investigated in detail during the workshop. Participants discuss and practice their analysis using case studies.They then apply the ideas presented to actual on-job performance issues.

The Performance System Model

The Performance System Analysis Workshop has two modules: Performance Engineering and Performance Diagnostics:

  • Performance Engineering Just as a structural engineer refers to the known performance characteristics of materials and predicts with great certainty how a new bridge design will perform, Performance Engineering examines the components that make up a human performance system.  These components are then engineered to create a design that produces the desired performance results.
  • Performance Diagnostics assesses existing performance systems to determine where breakdowns occur.  The analogy to structural engineering holds true.  If a structural engineer examines a bridge which did not perform to expectation, the specific failed components can be identified so corrective action can be taken.  Performance Diagnostics does the same for a human performance system.


By using the skills learned in the Performance System Analysis workshop, managers set up their employees for success. Employee productivity increases, which improves your bottom line.

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Case Study

A large data services call center wanted to improve how their Customer Service representatives were processing complaints. They were having multiple, repeat complaints for the same customer issue.

Our consultants worked with their supervisors to understand and use the Performance System Analysis tools. In analyzing the performance system in which the Customer Service representatives worked, the supervisors realized that they were measuring and rewarding employees based on the number of calls processed in a given time period.

They changed the standard to number of issues resolved on the first call. Our consultants then trained their operators in how to address customer complaints thoroughly and expeditiously.

Within three months, the number of repeat customer calls for the same issue dropped from 70% of daily call volume to less than 25%.

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