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Thank you for everything you did.  That was the best and most thorough ropes training that we have had in years.  They have all been talking about how much fun they had really enjoyed working with you.  Everyone feels like they have a great understanding and knowledge about he course, and that is exactly what we wanted.  

John Dreyfuss, Duncan Gray Episcopal Camp and Conference Center

Project Management Fundamentals

Managing tasks and projects is one of the keys to a successful organization. Yet, when it comes to “project management” many organizations and individuals feel overwhelmed. Despite the presence of powerful PM software, many do not understand Project Management fundamentals, and different people and different departments within the organization approach the project differently. Planning is poor, implementation suffers, and projects go over time and over budget.

Project Management Fundamentals
Project Management Fundamentals

Rather than offer a packaged Project Management curriculum, our consultants determine which project management tools your organization already has in place and then develop a Project Management Workshop that builds upon this foundation. Our consultants then identify the gaps and overlaps in your approach and eliminate both.

The purpose of the Project Management Fundamentals Workshop is to look at the “total” project in a way that enables both the organization and employees to understand and effectively manage them. This workshop, consulting and training not only gives the participants an understanding of Project Management basics but also how to apply the Project Management concepts to their own, real time job projects and daily issues.


Upon successfully completing the workshop, the participants (individually and in group settings) will:

  • Be able to describe the basic steps of Project Management. Show that he or she has applied the Project Management concepts to current job issues.
  • Understand how to identify and avoid future problems during project implementation.
  • Understand how to make the best choices both before and during the implementation of the project.
  • Understand the difference between compromise and consensus and know when to work toward consensus and when to accept compromise.


Managers with solid Project Management skills complete projects more quickly and with a higher rate of project success.  


The Project Management Fundamentals Workshop is tailored to specific client needs. Typically it runs from one to two days. The workshop emphasizes application of the ideas presented to live, on-job projects.

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Case Study

One of our associates worked with a Commercial Printer to co-ordinate a move to a larger production facility. This commercial printer specialized in “drop shipping” printed material packets for their customers. They had about 2500 items in inventory from which they would draw to put the packets of materials together for their clients. The plan was to stop production at noon on Friday and start up again at 07:00 the following Monday in the new location.

During the Planning Phase they took this opportunity to move their inventory in such a way that it would streamline their picking process. The new layout of inventory saved them about 15 minutes of picking time per order, which, given that they shipped between 10 and 20 orders per day, was a significant savings. In addition, in the Planning Phase they coordinated all the permitting, routing of the move, the movers and got the Police to help direct traffic at a few pre-determined times when large equipment was being moved. Finally, in the Planning Phase they discovered that the biggest door to the new facility was too small by about 4” to allow them to install their biggest press. The door was enlarged by 12” well prior to the move day.

Results? The move went off without a hitch. Production in the new facility started at 05:00, ahead of schedule.

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