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Many leaders know the value of FeedBack ... and many supervisors don't provide FeedBack in a way that drives performance. Good employees are left to themselves, and poor employees are not held accountable.   Performance discussions are either not held in a timely fashion, are sidetracked, or become confrontational. What was intended to be a positive conversation focused on performance improvement frequently becomes an unproductive energy drain. From that point forward, the supervisor and the employee avoid meaningful and regular performance conversations, relegating them to the once-a-year, so called "Performance Review."

The supervisor must learn how to direct discussions with employees regarding work performance, reinforcing successful performance and channeling employees' energies toward improved performance.  The key to the Performance Coaching & FeedBack approach is getting the employee to take personal accountability for his or her own behavior.  Until the employee takes personal accountability for his or her own behavior, performance will not improve.


During the Performance Coaching & FeedBack workshop, participants learn the techniques which enable them to maintain control of a performance discussion. Workshop participants learn step-by-step process to guide the employee to taking accountability for his or her own performance, whether speaking to a strong performer or a "problem employee."  

Over half of the workshop is devoted to planning and practicing how to use the techniques on the ultimate practical model - the employee with performance improvement opportunities. Participants learn to measure their success as supervisors by the number of employees who improve their work performance, rather than by the number of employees reprimanded or discharged.

The techniques learned in the Performance Coaching & FeedBack Workshop also apply to performance conversations with employees to reward and maintain good performance.


Leaders who use the skills learned in this workshop

  • Inspire "good" employees to greater performance
  • Guide "problem employees to take accountability for their results and develop solutions to their performance issues.

When the supervisor effectively deals with difficult employees, everyone benefits.  The difficult employee’s performance is improved, thus improving the performance of the work group.  Good employees gain respect for the supervisor when they see him or her make the difficult employee successful.  In addition, the supervisor now has more time to devote to improving the quality of his or her unit.


This training is ideal for all managers and team leaders.


The Performance Coaching & FeedBack Workshop is tailored to specific client needs. Typically, it runs from two to four days, although shorter workshops have been designed to address particular client goals.  The workshop emphasizes application of the ideas presented to live, on-job concerns.

Contact an FSTD representative to discuss how to bring Performance Coaching & FeedBack to your organization.

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Case Study

We worked with one of nine dispatch centers for telephone repair and installation work. This dispatch center had the poorest performance of all the centers in terms of percentage of work orders completed on that day.

We worked with their supervisors and showed them how to hold meaningful performance accountability conversations with their repair personnel.

Results: Within six months, our client went from worst dispatch center in the state to number 1.

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