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Deviation Analysis: Solving Problems, Maximizing Assets

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Deviation Analysis is the Reality-Based Technology that gets your machines or process back online quickly when a deviation occurs. Deviation Analysis systematically guides your people to ...

  • Define the Deviation simply and insightfully
  • Gather, sort and organize the readily-available information
  • Determine where more information is needed and how it will be collected
  • Identify possible causes based on data analysis
  • Rule out those causes which do not make sense
  • Confirm the root cause
  • Plan appropriate actions to effectively deal with the Deviation

Deviation Analysis
Deviation Analysis

Deviation Analysis provides a common language and standard approach that easily integrates with and drives additional value from other operational improvement initiatives such as Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, statistical process control and others.


When your employees understand the elements of Deviation Analysis and have the common language our workshop provides, the quality of their work increases. They learn to deal with causes, not symptoms, resulting in less down-time and higher quality. In addition, client interaction becomes both more efficient and more effective, as does change implementation.

  • Find the cause of deviations more quickly
  • Rule out costly, time-consuming "fixes" that won't work and
  • Select more effective long-term fixes so that your machine or process "stays fixed."

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