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Choice Analysis: Making Better Decisions

We teach your people the tools needed to skillfully operate their part of the business like they owned the business.

Choice Analysis is the Reality-Based Technology that guarantees that your people will make better decisions. Choice Analysis systematically guides you to ...

  • Clarify the purpose of the decision;
  • identify the requirements that the final choice must fulfill;
  • specify the benefits you hope to maximize;
  • Gather information on each alternative so that you accurately evaluate its performance; and
  • Investigate and clarify the potential risks inherent in each alternative.

Choice Analysis
Choice Analysis

The end result? Decisions which achieve your key objectives and balance higher ROI with acceptable levels of risk.

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Case Study

In a Trouble Shooting Logic workshop (which teaches Choice Analysis, in addition to other Reality-Based Technologies), one of the participants began a Choice Analysis with the Choice Statement "Select best way to prevent taper optic damage." Upon returning to work, this participant recommended his final choice, which was adopted by his organization.

The bottom line: the company achieved savings of $8,000.00/year due to NOT damaging their optics.

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