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Absolute Safety, 365SM

Driven from the Top Down; Believed from the Bottom-Up

Absolute Safety, 365SM is a series of carefully planned events that create an Absolute Safety, 365SM mind set throughout the organization. It lays out safety in a way that allows us to see what it is, why it is essential to a successful business and how we take accountability for our own behavior and help others take accountability for their own safety. A complete Absolute Safety, 365SM development process includes the following components:

  1. Core Values Alignment: Understanding and Committing to Absolute Safety, 365 from the Board Room down
  2. Job Performance Analysis: Designing the Systems to Support Absolute Safety, 365
  3. Communication: Determining and Publishing the specific Absolute Safety, 365 messages
  4. Supervisor Support: Removing Roadblocks, Providing Resources, and Providing training in
    1. Safety Awareness.  Training to make everyone aware of safe / at-risk behaviors.  Participants learn how to conduct hazard assessments; will understand that some behaviors are safe and others are at-risk; will be able to differentiate between specific safe/at-risk behaviors; and will understand and believe that safe behavior is a personal accountability issue.
    2. Safety Coaching.  Training that establishes a mutual understanding of the safety culture, and teaches the tools to provide safety feedback whenever an at-risk behavior is observed and to encourage continued safe behavior.  Safety Coaching creates the foundation for a robust safety culture; it empowers any employee to have a safety conversation with any other employee regarding observed at-risk behaviors.
    3. Safety Reinforcement. When any employee fails to modify his at-risk behavior after it has been addressed, his or her supervisor must effectively confront the employee so that the employee chooses new (safe) behaviors. Safety Reinforcement teaches a supervisor how to effectively confront and create a final opportunity for the at-risk employee to take accountability for his or her at-risk behavior.
    4. Safety Leadership. Training for Executives and Senior Management to enable them engineer the safety performance system, to fully support safety coaching and safety enforcement, and to embed a world-class safety mind-set in all employees within the organization.
  5. Modeling/Monitoring: Leading by example and measuring progress
  6. FeedBack: Giving and receiving FeedBack at all levels of the organization and using that FeedBack to continuously improve the system.

Benefits to the Organization

  • Safer employees
  • Lower costs

"We already have a good safety program: why choose Absolute Safety, 365SM?"

First Steps is expert in transferring the proven critical thinking and interpersonal skills (listed here) which successful employees use to resolve other, non-safety, behavioral and process issues. Absolute Safety, 365SM focuses these Reality-Based Technologies on the goal of achieviing and maintaining safe behaviors. As such, Absolute Safety, 365SM is compatable with and strengthens any current safety initiative or program.

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Absolute Safety, 365SM


Case Study

We worked with ABC company, a construction company rebuilding heavy equipment, whose TRIR previous to our involvement was a very respectable (for this industry) 1.6.  The client learned that its main customer would soon require all of its key contractors to have an RI below 1.5 in order to retain their business. They proactively invested in a comprehensive Absolute Safety, 365SM initiative.

Our consultants helped this company to clarify its values and align its systems. The company then rolled out a number of three-day workshops that encompassed all of the concepts in Safety Awareness, Safety Coaching and Safety Reinforcement, as well as a Safety Leadership workshop for Executives. 

Within three months, their TRIR was 0.5, a figure which they sustained. 

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