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Rob was one of the most professional and passionate people that I have ever had the opportunity to work with. I learned more from him about facilitation, leadership, organization, creativity and program building in five days than I have with any other company. 

Krysta Gypton

"Stand Up" Consulting

When an issue needs to be resolved NOW, Stand Up Consulting services enable your team to think more clearly, efficiently and systematically, achieving quality resolution within deadline.

Stand Up Consulting is a partnership between the client organization and First Steps, in which each party brings something to the table:

  • The client brings relevant data and the right people, with the pertinent knowledge, experience and judgement for the issue at hand;
  • FSTD brings the right process facilitation and coaching to expertly guide your thinking.

With the right people, correct data and our process guidance, you efficiently determine your best course of action and avoid costly, incorrect, time-consuming failure paths.


Issues requiring multiple inputs, effective time and task management with full and focused participation by all. Stand Up Consulting is appropriate for:

  • Achieving Consensus on Tough Decisions
  • Finding Root Cause to persistent machine or process problems
  • Planning a high-profile project or change that must roll out "glitch free"
  • Prioritizing and planning resolution of complex issues
  • Engineering the human performance system to support a planned change

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Case Studies

Sample Case #1

Our client manufactured a paper product used to make ice cream containers. One of our client's customers, a food packing company, said that their colors wouldn't 'hold' on the package, and if they couldn't make a paper that would take the print, "we'll find someone who will."

We facilitated a Deviation analysis that involved personnel from both our client and their customer. The analysis showed that the problem occurred on only a few of the colors printed, ruling out the paper as the problem source.

Needless to say, our client kept this key customer. Our client's quick response and analysis of the information available created good will and credibility in the eyes of this food packing company.

Sample Case #2:
The Defective Solenoid

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