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Rob does a great job teaching leaders 'how to' lead and is able to move from one industry type to another fluently. He is more then a 'canned' program, he makes it work as discussions come up - the learner comes away with much more then when they came into the class.

Celine Craig, Human Resources Director, Kings Daughter's Medical Center

Reality-Based Technologies

First Steps has been a pioneer in the art of developing and delivering training workshops that grab the attention, involve the intellect and emotions, and result in concept retention and on-the-job behavior change. We design our training around two simple concepts: Reality Based Technology and Action Learning.

Reality-Based Technologies are what the terms imply. That is, our workshops teach concepts and skills based on the actual performance of successful leaders, managers and/or individual contributors. Regardless of the task at hand, successful leaders follow particular logical, step-by-step approaches. We shun the latest management fads and teach what has been proven to work so that your employees achieve results.

Action Learning. Social Scientists have long known that there are different learning styles: some of us learn by seeing the printed word, some by hearing the concepts explained, some by performing the task or a simulated exercise. The more that training incoprorates all three approaches, the greater its ability to engage the learner; unfortunately, most training devolves into participants passively watching the presenter click through and read slide after PowerPoint slide.

Action Learning workshops use a “learning by doing” approach to capitalize on your managers’, supervisors’ and foremen's production-oriented, “get the job done” background and strengths. They provide your leaders with specific leadership tools (that is, ways to think, tasks to do, and words to say) and incorporate frequent exercises so that your employees have ample opportunity to discuss, practice and apply the tools they are learning.

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