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The First Steps’ facilitator training was one of the most profound professional educational experiences of my life. Rob created a true learning community amongst the participants – we learned the concepts, we developed teamwork, and I reconnected with myself. I learned how to effectively guide group discussions towards real learning. Rob is a consummate Master Trainer, able to simplify the complex and make it accessible. That being said, this was not a beginner’s training, but one that stretched me. I give Rob and First Steps my highest recommendation.

Justina Rudez, Entrepreneur

Resolving Team Conflict

Conflict and disagreement are a normal, productive part of everyday team life.  The best ideas often result from the discussions that came from a disagreement about the course of action to be chosen.  Yet, many people do not like conflict or disagreement and avoid it whenever possible.

If there are substantive differences, eventually it will surface.  So when is the best time to deal with conflict?  Before the course of action is chosen or during implementation?  The obvious answer is, “Before the course of action is chosen.”  Conflict, appropriately surfaced and dealt with before the course of action is chosen often results in a superior solution; conflict unaddressed will result in lack of support for implementation, and conflict surfaced during implementation often leads to failure.


Resolving Team Conflict enables teams to effectively identify and deal with team conflict and disagreement.  For conflict and disagreement to result in a superior solution the team must move toward consensus; our Resolving Team Conflict workshop provides a systematic approach to achieve that end.

Following a discovery exercise the workshop focuses on the practical aspects of spotting conflict, identifying areas of agreement, learning how to deal with disagreement, understanding the difference between commitment and compliance, and learning a systematic approach for gaining commitment.

Resolving Team Conflict is both a training and a facilitated event. Participants use the skills learned to resolve current conflicts within the team.


Teams that find a way to systematically surface disagreement, meaningfully discuss different approaches, and achieve consensus decisions develop solutions and seize oppurtunities that are typically missed. Trust is enhanced, and the team is better able to work together productively on future projects.


This training is appropriate for intact work teams at any level.

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"The Educational Department at St. Dominic Hospital recommended Rob Benson to our department as a facilitator for a retreat focusing on Conflict Resolution. Rob conducted 3 sessions for our employees on Team Building skills and communication.

The sessions were well planned yet flexible enough to allow group dynamics to flow towards areas of need. Rob made himself aware of the Department’s functions and issues prior to the retreats in order to custom the events to target our problems. The Director was informed of potential benefits and risks inherent in this process. Following each session, Rob called to give a synopsis and recommendations about the group on which to build the next retreat.

The outcomes of this intervention were:

  1. The majority of staff demonstrated their ability to change behavior and engage in one-on-one confrontation for problem solving.
  2. The individuals who did not engage in the retreat dialogue did not benefit from the process
  3. The department restructured its Organizational Chart in order to form smaller work groups with  supervisors
  4. Department management personnel learned to empower the employees more, by  avoiding “micro-managing” of every issue
  5. The Department was able to merge from several locations and complete a successful move into a new facility, using skills from this retreat to manage disputes.
I would recommend Rob to any organization wishing to improve employee interaction and enhance problem solving behavior."

Maureen Hardy, Director Outpatient Rehab Services, St. Dominic-Jackson Memorial Hospital

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