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The workshop “Performance Coaching” contains good course material as well as good presentation skills by the instructor. The feedback I received was very positive.  We have noticed real improvement in the quality of data entered into our coaching database by our leadership team.


There are a few areas where our site procedures are not in verbatim alignment with what you taught in the workshop. Ironically, we are re-evaluating our procedure for potential enhancements. The material you administered has many key data points that we may have overlooked in procedure development.

Ben Avara, FIN Superintendent, Entergy Operations, Grand Gulf Nuclear Station

Team Development

If you are viewing this page, you already believe in the importance of good team work. If your work group ISN'T a team, and you wish to develop them into one, review the links to the left to learn more about our approach to team development.

We begin by providing an overview of the elements that go into making a strong team. Then we discuss our approach to conducting a team assessment. Build the Team Culture is a customized, one-day workshop that focuses on defining and refining the team culture through active participation and discussion. Targeted Team Skills addresses those skillsets that are needed, above and beyond what is required for individual contributors, so that they are powerful team contributors. Effective Team Leadership investigates the attitude, understanding and skills needed to effectively guide a team forward.

If we can be of service, or even if you just have a question, please contact us.

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Your Management Matters is our regularly updated blog with thoughts, tips and tools for smarter management. Facilitating better team work is a topic to which we return regularly.

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