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Our instructor took time to involve everyone and answer questions with good solid answers.  His expertise is very strong.  He was very thorough in presenting and being sure we understood what he was teaching.

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Deviation Analysis Results

The following are just a sampling of the many deviations solved during the course of a workshop:

Deviation: Cores have Black Specks

  • Most Probable Cause Determined: Tamper feet hitting core pocket, chipping off coating
  • Effective Action Taken : Trained people in proper tamper foot phasing. Worked with vendor to up-grade phasing bushings.
  • Ongoing Savings Realized:
    • Equipment savings = $40,800.00/year,
    • Product savings = $16,000.00/year,
    • Total savings = $56,800.00/year

Deviation: False Shield Tape Rejects

  • Most Probable Cause Determined: Fluorescence level in glue is not consistent
  • Effective Action Taken: Worked with glue supplier to collect data and Verified false rejects from glue fluorescence.
  • Savings Realized: Reduced scrap by $9,180.00/year

Deviation: Ragged, thin core edges on drive side

  • Most Probable Cause Determined: Drive side seal setup not at specification
  • Effective Action Taken: Developed CBA on set-up; inspect drive-side seal for wear and warping.
  • Savings Realized: Unquantified reduction in scrap.
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