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*Note: our work is customized to each client's needs and specifications. These results are meant to provide examples of how we work with our clients and what they then achieve. They are not meant to display a "set" approach, nor do they necessarily detail all of the results achieved by this client.

Situation / Need

We recently facilitated team development for the site leadership of a major defense contractor. We had been contracted to focus on building the team culture and were to coordinate our efforts alongside those of an internal facilitator (who was also a member of the Executive Team). We agreed to provide team talents training and challenge course experience, he would facilitate their discussions concerning results from a recent team effectiveness survey and about upcoming initiatives at the site. All told, we were to guide the group for about half of the time.

Our Intervention

As a result of the team talents training punctuated by challenge course activity, the team surfaced problematic dynamics around its ability to bring issues to resolution. Later, when the internal facilitator showed the results of the team survey, these results revealed the same issue. But we were now at a stopping point based on time - it was now time to review the upcoming site initiatives. Break was called.

Over the break, we approached the internal facilitator, pointed out that, from a team growth perspective, now was NOT the time to drop this discussion. To do so would only reinforce the team's habit of not bringing issues to resolution. He agreed that this was higher priority than what he had planned to do for the remainder of the time, but he did not have a clear plan about how to guide the discussion forward.

We renegotiated roles with the internal facilitator on the spot. He recognized that he needed to be participating in the discussion rather than leading it. We asked for five additional minutes preparation time, then led the team to validate the survey results, prioritize their issues, and develop new "run rules" for how they would operate, two of which were "we resolve every issue brought to us within 30 days" and "we hold one another accountable."


Following the event, team members said that this event was the best off-site that most of them had ever experienced. Since that time, we have been retained for additional services to this team, and members report that, in terms of timely issue resolution, "we're still not perfect, but we're getting a LOT better."

Is personal and team accountability, or the need for issues to be accepted and resolved in a timely manner, something which your team should address within the next quarter? Contact an FSTD associate to learn how we partner with you.

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