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Making Better Decisions, part I: Developing Your List of Criteria, or What is it that you REALLY want? (Audio and PowerPoint)
We make numerous choices in a given day: some of them are inconsequential, such as where to hold the next meeting; others are as significant as whom to promote to lead your sales force.

Whether choosing the restaurant for tonight’s supper or the key organizational strategies for the next two years, decision-making is at core a resource allocation process. Important decisions require that we clarify what we want, maximize our ROI, and minimize the risk involved.

In this installment, we begin a three-part series on Choice Analysis - a proven, systematic process for making BETTER decisions. We will overview the Choice Analysis process and then explain how to develop the criteria which guide your choice.

Making Better Decisions, part II: Crafting Your Choice Statement (Audio and PowerPoint)
Decision-making may be THE key management skill. Tune in to this audio for the second in our three-part series on Choice Analysis, a proven, systematic process for making BETTER decisions. The focus this week will be on understanding and formulating the “Choice Statement,” which ultimately guides the rest of the analysis. In truth, once you have a Choice Statement, the choice is already made; the only thing left up in the air is “which one?”

Making Better Decisions, part III: Determining Your Risk (Audio and PowerPoint)
When choosing between alternatives, good decision makers systematically evaluate not only the benefit that each alternative brings but also the risk associated with each alternative. Tune in for the third in our series on Choice Analysis, a proven, systematic process for making BETTER decisions.

Making Better Decisions, part IV: Advanced Techniques (Audio and PowerPoint)
If you've listened to our three previous episodes of "Making Better Decisions," you understand the framework of Choice Analysis, a proven, systematic approach to making decisions that get you the results you want with a level of risk that you can accept.

We know that some of the decisions you face are more complex than choosing your next car or the restaurant for tonight's meal.  In this week's "nuts-and-bolts" show, we share Advanced Techniques: how to use this framework to make better decisions when you have numerous criteria and when you don't have a clear "winner" among the options you've generated.

Learn more about the Choice Analysis workshop.

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