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The workshop “Performance Coaching” contains good course material as well as good presentation skills by the instructor. The feedback I received was very positive.  We have noticed real improvement in the quality of data entered into our coaching database by our leadership team.


There are a few areas where our site procedures are not in verbatim alignment with what you taught in the workshop. Ironically, we are re-evaluating our procedure for potential enhancements. The material you administered has many key data points that we may have overlooked in procedure development.

Ben Avara, FIN Superintendent, Entergy Operations, Grand Gulf Nuclear Station

World Class Customer Service: Real Tools, Right Now!

Performance Builders Live on World Talk Radio!

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World Class Service (As Defined by the Customer) (Audio and PowerPoint)
It's a hard truth: the level of service that most companies provide is based upon what their customer will accept; unfortunately, customers (oh, those pesky customers) expect a whole lot more. If your service doesn't meet those unspoken expectations, your customers won't say anything ... and they will be prime targets for your competitor who delights them.

In this show , the guys share the results of primary research on customer expectations and give you the key to provide the World Class Service that customer's brag about!

World Class Service, part II: Alignment (Audio and PowerPoint)
Last week, we introduced the different levels of customer service, from processing through caring. We also discussed the results from our primary research on customer expectations - that is, what do they REALLY expect!

In this audio, we continue the discussion of how you build World Class (caring) Service by looking particularly on deep alignment between you and your customers.

World Class Service, part III: Trust (Audio and PowerPoint)
Trust is foundational to long-term, mutually satisfying relationships (like the ones you want with your customers). Trust must also permeate your organization if you intend, over the long haul, to meet your customers' expectations of low price, high quality and on-time delivery.

Unfortunately, it is also a FACT that organizational leaders tend to assume that trust is higher than employees and customers perceive. Listen to learn why trust matters, the dynamics involved in trust, and how to improve trust within your organization and with your key customers.

World Class Service - Retail Customer Service (Audio and PowerPoint)
In today's retail environment, KEEPING THE CUSTOMERS YOU CURRENTLY HAVE is key to weathering this downturn. We know that customers come back and become "raving fans" when they experience World Class Service. Unfortunately, too many organizations' customer service efforts only focus on teaching their people how to "talk nice." For your customers to experience World Class Service, your entire organization must be focused on delivering the experience that the customer expects at each and every point in which he or she contacts you. Which is more than just "talking nice."

Learn more about the World Class Service workshop.

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