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Rob is a great example of a person working in his 'sweet spot'. He is able to quickly build rapport with an individual, identify the issues and then facilitate to create options. He is able to leverage his personable style to deal with the hard issues and is not shy in stepping into the situation in helping you see the real truth. What I like the most about Rob is the way he is able to assist YOU getting to the core issue at hand. He does not give you the answer but partners with you.

David Neal, President, Neal Leadership Group

Prioritization and "Energy" Management: Real Tools, Right Now!

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Status Assessment: the Only Tool a Leader Truly Needs (Audio and PowerPoint)
All great leaders have one skill in common. What is that skill? It is having the right people working on the right things at the right time. Simple, right ... listen to this audio to learn more about Status Assessment, a tool to help you plan how you structure your people and their priorities.

Want to learn Status Assessment? Schedule a focused Status Assessment workshop for your team. Status Assessment is also taught as one of the skills in the Trouble Shooting Logic workshop.

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