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The First Steps’ facilitator training was one of the most profound professional educational experiences of my life. Rob created a true learning community amongst the participants – we learned the concepts, we developed teamwork, and I reconnected with myself. I learned how to effectively guide group discussions towards real learning. Rob is a consummate Master Trainer, able to simplify the complex and make it accessible. That being said, this was not a beginner’s training, but one that stretched me. I give Rob and First Steps my highest recommendation.

Justina Rudez, Entrepreneur

Employee Coaching: Real Tools, Right Now!

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Coaching for Personal Accountability (Audio and PowerPoint)
“Are you kicking field goals when you should be scoring touchdowns?” If your team is not excelling and you’re missing opportunities because of poor execution, you have an Accountability problem. In this audio, we share insights gleaned from our review of David Rock’s Quiet Leadership and a tool to get your people to buy into their own performance improvement.

Performance Conversations (Audio and PowerPoint)
In this show, our crew share the what, why and how of performance coaching.   You will learn how to have a positive coaching conversation with your directs that is quick, easy and proven to get results!

Coaching for Results: Confrontation Skills (Audio and PowerPoint)
Why are there poor performers in industry today? Many leaders either avoid confronting them or lack the skills to hold successful discussions with difficult employees. Ultimately, the performance issue becomes confrontational and hence, doomed to failure. In this audio, you'll learn how to maintain control of discussions with employees regarding poor performance and how to channel his or her AND the employee’s energies toward improved performance.

Performance FeedBack, part I: Performance Coaching (Audio and PowerPoint)
While many leaders intuitively know that the giving and receiving of honest FeedBack is necessary to improve performance, many either avoid confronting poor performance or lack the skills to hold successful performance conversations.

In this first of a three-part series, we’ll present the first of three proven tools for structuring performance FeedBack conversations with your employees. The Performance Coaching Process is simple to understand, easy to use, and works (i.e., gets understanding and commitment to change) with employees across the Performance range.

Performance FeedBack, part II: Performance Accountability (Audio and PowerPoint)
So, you listened to the previous show, you've coached your employee, and their performance didn't improve to the level you expected. DON'T GIVE UP! Although the Performance Coaching Process is powerful and effective for most, a few employees may not get the picture, so you will have to modify your approach to get their understanding and commitment.

In this installment, we’ll explain the second Performance FeedBack tool called Performance Accountability, an approach which gives you greater control so that you can successfully help the “problem employee” turn around.

Performance FeedBack, part III: Performance Compliance (Audio and PowerPoint)
Most of your employees show up each and every day wanting to do a good job. In the previous two shows, we've shown that proper FeedBack can help sustain their productive behaviors AND help them take accountability for improving their performance.

And a few bad apples can spoil the bunch, negatively impacting others in the department as well. Avery few employees will resist your efforts to coach them, so what then? For the answer, listen in to this audio on "Performance Compliance" for the third tool in the Performance FeedBack skillset.

Performance FeedBack, part IV: Plan Follow-Up (Audio and PowerPoint)
For Performance FeedBack to get you the results that you want, i.e., the employee takes accountability for and changes his or her behavior, effective follow-up is a must! Listen to the final show in our four-part series on "Performance FeedBack" so that you finish strong!

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