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Plan Implementation Analysis (Audio and PowerPoint)
One of the best ways to keep a system or process operating properly is to avoid problems. The way individual employees approach avoiding problems usually is left up to chance ... and the impact of not thinking proactively can have on the organization is enormous. In this audio, George shares the knowledge and skills to enable the participants, both individually and in a team setting, to anticipate problems before they occur, to determine what could cause a future problem and to take action designed to keep the future problem from occurring. This process is known as Plan Implementation Analysis.

Plan Implementation Analysis, revisited (Audio and PowerPoint)
While no course of action is guaranteed to succeed, you can VASTLY improve the likelihood of achieving your objectives IF you ask a few simple questions, starting with "If we proceed, what could go wrong?"

In this show, we revisit Plan Implementation Analysis, overviewing a powerful, systematic thinking process to help you take action to avoid potential future deviations and recover quickly if they occur.

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