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Rob was one of the most professional and passionate people that I have ever had the opportunity to work with. I learned more from him about facilitation, leadership, organization, creativity and program building in five days than I have with any other company. 

Krysta Gypton

Safety Leadership: Real Tools, Right Now!

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Safety Leadership: Absolute Safety, 365 (Audio and PDF)
Drive improved Safety throughout your organization!  Listen to the introduction of the Absolute Safety, 365 Development Process. Learn the components that you need to manage to drive Safety within your team or organization.

Safety Leadership II (Audio) Learn more! Listen as we continue the discussion of Absolute Safety, 365 with Mike Garvin, Operations Manager of Worldwide Deep Water Builds for ENSCO Offshore Company. While the oil field as a whole remains hazardous, Mike has "bucked the trend" and been responsible for driving significant safety gains throughout his career.

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