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Performance System Analysis (Audio and PowerPoint)
Superb leaders know that, in order to get solid performance from their employees, they must manage the components of the Performance System in which the employee works. Learn the key components of every performance system and a process for analyzing performance breakdowns. The goal: create the system that makes it simple and natural for employees to produce the way they can and should.

Leadership Success, in the First Person: Listen to an interview with Stephanie Picard, Senior Director for Retail Quality at Georgia-Pacific. An extremely effective Executive who has rapidly risen through the ranks, Stephanie shares her insights on successful leadership, with specific ideas on how you support your employees to raise their performance.

Managing Consequences (PowerPoint)
A “truth” about human performance is Consequences drive behavior. Therefore, in order to effectively manage performance, you must manage consequences. This show gives you insight into both identifying and managing the consequences which will result in the behaviors you need for success.

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