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Volume 4 Number 2


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In tough times, it’s often change or die.  Don’t think so?  Then answer this question, would you like to invest in a phone company that offers only rotary dial phones?  Bet your answer is, nope!  How ‘bout taking a sales job for an auto company that offers a 30 day, 100 mile, whichever comes first warrantee?  Nope, again. 

As a leader, don’t run from change, seek it out.

Lead on!

George Loyer

Change is Automatic, Right?

Years ago many people thought that if a company was large, it was safe and immune to catastrophic impacts from outside.  However, we now know this is just not true.  Look what’s happened to GM and Chrysler over the past few years.  Consider this, many years ago when FW Woolworth went out of business, they were the fourth largest retailer in the United States.  Why did Woolworth’s go out of business?...

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Absolute Safety, 365: Long-Term Culture Change within the Oil and Natural Gas Industries

Imagine a place where people from all over the world come together to fulfill one common purpose, a place where it doesn’t matter what language you speak, a place where achieving that common goal is paramount.  What is that place?  That most reviled of industries, the oil industry.

What does the oil industry look like today? It looks like the Dubai shipyard where they are refurbishing several oilrigs. The crews are made up of Egyptians, Saudis, French, Indians, Pakistanis, Pilipino, Nigerian, Gabonese, Dutch, British, American, Canadian, and Croatian. Yet it is a unified culture of men and woman trained to handle billions of dollars of heavy equipment, to bore deep into the belly of the earth and to extract the source of energy that drives this planet. This global industry is operating under the constant goal of creating and maintaining an injury-free safety culture.

Contrast this with a typical drilling rig of the past...

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Ensuring Technical Proficiency

Before allowing a new operator to operate your machine or process, you need to know – really know – that they are capable.  If he doesn’t know the job, you need to bring him up to speed quickly.  Unfortunately, most OJT consists of little more than the new operator “tagging along” with an experienced operator until the experienced operator believes he “knows the ropes.”  Safe and productive performance is functionally left up to chance.

In well-developed training/learning systems, technical trainers (preferably knowledgeable operators) assess an individual’s knowledge and capability and...

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