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Learning 4 Performance                  Volume 3, No. 20 - Sept. 29, 2010


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Inside This Issue

  1. Performance Coaching: What to Do When It Doesn’t Work
  2. I know I’m good…my mama says so! (Effective Interviewing)
  3. Developing a Culture of Safety
  4. If you always do what you’ve always done … (Decision Making)
  5. Watch-Outs: How to Structure Effective Multi-Day Planning Meetings

Performance Coaching: What to Do When It Doesn’t Work  - By Rob Benson

I had the opportunity to speak today to a local Kiwanis club. What topic did I choose? Performance Coaching, of course. One of the simplest and most powerful communication tools to influence a team member or direct report to take accountability for their actions and their results. The end result? Changed behavior.

Most of the time.

I would love to say that it was a “foolproof technique”, but that would get it wrong on at least two counts:

  1. It’s not foolproof.

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I know I’m good…my mama says so! - By George Loyer

Most applicants will give general answers unless you “insist” on specifics. For example if you ask, “In your last job how did you deal with conflicting priorities?” Chances are you will get an answer along the lines of, “I’d work on the most important one.” That is a “fine example” of a general answer.

Your challenge here is to get out of the general and into the specific. One way to make that happen is to ask …

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Developing a Culture of Safety - by Rob Benson

We have recently been delivering a number of Safety Leadership workshops for individuals in the oil and gas industry. For folks who work in other fields, oil and gas is still a high-risk industry. Beyond the occasional headline-grabbing incident like the Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf, there are numerous injuries and a fair number of fatalities every year. A company with whom we have worked has experienced several fatalities in 2010 alone. They know that a culture change is required to make their workplace safer ...

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If you always do what you’ve always done … - By George Loyer

Face it. We’re creatures of habit…and…that can cost us! My sister lived in New York City for 25 years. The first 17 years she lived there she had a car. Now, my sister isn’t a jerk. In those 17 years she never once got her car out of the garage she rented to drive it in the city. One day her car died. Just so happens that she was out visiting me in New Jersey the next weekend. (when she visited me she always took the bus…quicker and easier than driving herself) She said to me, “Help me figure out what new car to buy.” I asked her, “Why do you want to get a new car? You hardly ever drove the last one.”  

Now, what motivated her to want to “Buy a New Car”?

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Watch-Outs: How to Structure Effective Multi-Day Planning Meetings - By Rob Benson

I recently had the opportunity to review another facilitator’s agenda for a two-day strategic planning meeting. It got me to thinking that his “mistakes” are ones that we frequently see. If you design and/or facilitate planning meetings, my responses should suggest design considerations and techniques for facilitating strategic planning sessions for you too. So here are my comments to him, edited for clarity. Do YOU make these mistakes?

  • Your agenda is overly ambitious. Don’t try to conquer the world; instead, define one to two key outcomes that you will accomplish. In-depth discussion always takes more time than you expect, so allow more time for discussion. Don’t cram it so tight that folk can’t meaningfully discuss options. Allow time for the unexpected ... you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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