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Learning 4 Performance
                 Volume 3, No. 19 - Sept. 22, 2010


TSL Tool: Deviation Analysis

Trouble Shooting Logic Public Workshop Oct. 25-27, 2010

 The Trouble Shooting Logic workshop gives participants the tools and skills to resolve priority concerns. They learn to identify deviations in their work place, to find the cause of deviations, to make choices or recommendations, to anticipate and avoid future deviations and to understand the basics of the Human Performance System. The workshop also provides a common language and a systematic approach, enabling the participants to facilitate better discussions with customers, internal contacts, and vendors.

From the FSTD Store

The Team Effectiveness Questionnaire (TEQ), now available in versions 1.0 and 2.0 in either paper or online formats, provides the data you need for focused and effective team development.  It measures your team against the five essential attributes of a high performing team.  It provides a snapshot of the team in its current stage of development and pinpoints opportunities for improvement. Administered to all members of the team, the TEQ is an excellent tool for promoting discussion and designing team development initiatives.


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Inside This Issue

  1. The Big Dog’s Impact on Safety: Case Study of an Almost Client
  2. The 5 Why’s And Fishboning: Good Tools That Can Be Made Better
  3. Sales: Do You Have the "Feast or Famine" Mindset?
  4. Whenever there’s an opportunity to train, is Computer Based Training (CBT) the way to go?
  5. The unlikely “truths” about your to-do list


The Big Dog’s Impact on Safety: Case Study of an Almost Client  - by Rob Benson

We were recently asked to conduct a preliminary safety assessment prior to submitting a proposal.  The potential client was a Chemical plant within a major multinational corporation: basic stats included approximately 600 employees on site, as well as 300 or so contractors, and a RI (Recordable Incidents) of 0.55.  Although a statistic that most companies long for, this plant’s stated goal was to take safety, which had plateaued in recent years, to the next level and get their RI moving again towards zero.  But the Big Dog got in the way …

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The 5 Why’s And Fishboning: Good Tools That Can Be Made Better - By George Loyer

  The 5 Why’s and / or Fishboning are “problem solving” tools we  frequently run across working with clients.  Both tend to work well when:       

  1. The people who’s process or system has the problem are informed and at least one of them is a technical expert
  2. The information required to do either the 5 Why’s or Fishbone is already available
  3. The problem is sponsored by a variable which is tracked
  4. The problem is not sponsored by an outside variable
  5. A “similar” problem has been solved and is used as a reference point

However, as anyone who has used these tools knows, you cannot always count on 1 – 5 above being in place...  

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Are you a football fan? I’m a New Orleans native, and although we are winning now, for many years we had a "losing" mindset.  It showed in how the team approached the big games.  Similar to how many small-to-medium sized businesses approach sales, only in the sales game, the losing mindset is called "Feast or Famine.

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Whenever there’s an opportunity to train, is Computer Based Training (CBT) the way to go?  - By George Loyer

Yes we’re in the computer age.  Without them the world as we know it would grind to a halt.  But, does that mean that computers are the do and end all?  Does it mean that all training is destined to become CBT?  That’s a good question.  Let’s investigate.  

One of our clients was wrestling with the CBT issue.  So, we developed the decision tree for them...

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The Unlikely “Truths” About Your To-Do List

How often do you get done everything  that you should have done and could have done in any given day?

Well, after you stopped laughing at that audacious question, your answer is, “Never!”  (By the way, if your answer is anything other than “Never,” you OBVIOUSLY don’t have enough work to do!)

The truth is we all leave things un-done at the end of the day, every day.  Now, which is better:

1)  To leave to CHANCE what is left un-done, OR...

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