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Learning 4 Performance

September 1, 2010

Volume III, Issue XVII

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Ensuring Technical Proficiency

Before allowing a new operator to operate your machine or process, you need to know – really know – that they are capable. If he doesn’t know the job, you need to bring him up to speed quickly. Unfortunately, most OJT consists of little more than the new operator “tagging along” with an experienced operator until the experienced operator believes he “knows the ropes.” Safe and productive performance is functionally left up to chance.

In well-developed training/learning systems, technical trainers (preferably knowledgeable operators) assess an individual’s knowledge and capability and train to need using a systematic training process. One framework we install in client companies is shown to the right. Feel free to print out this framework and share it with your technical trainers (providing that you leave our branding and copyright information intact).

Whenever a new employee is hired or a current employee is given a new assignment, there is usually a need to provide technical training. A one-to-one correlation exists between the quality of the training and how long it takes for the employee to be safe and productive. The more quickly an employee learns how to operate his machine well, the better for the entire work environment and the safer the employee.

Learn more about how we can help you upgrade your technical training. View a case study of results achieved through our Operator Training T3.

All the Best,

Rob BensonRob


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