November 13, 2009

Learning 4 Performance:
Thought Leadership in T&D

Issue Focus:  RACI

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  1. RACI: a Process for Defining Expectations, Roles, and Accountabilities
  2. Announcements
    1. Dec. 2009 - Experiential Expertise Train-the-Trainer
    2. Webinars on the Website
    3. We're Expanding ... and Changing our Corporate Address

Every high performing team has clear, established and appropriate Roles & Structure. This ensures that the person with the right knowledge, skills, resources and availability is working on the right task, and that all necessary tasks required for team success are accomplished.

Clear Roles & Structure doesn't just happen on its own; they require thoughtful, engaged team discussion. Those discussions can be focused and fruitful, if you follow the RACI format.

R = Person Responsible, they do and they drive it to completion. Generally, there should only be one “R” per Major Accomplishment.

r = Situational responsibility. They do and they drive a Sub-accomplishment to completion.

A = Person Accountable. This person is on the line for the result and is generally not the doer. There is always only one A.

C = Person to be Consulted before decisions are made or actions are taken.

I = Person to be informed (can be after the fact).

(For a detailed discussion of the RACI process and a free downloadable template for documenting Roles & Structure conversations, click here)

Team Effectivenss
Clearly defined Roles & Structure are key to
Team Performance

Upcoming Experiential Expertise T3

Many of you have downloaded the activity write-ups from our website. Now experience them for yourself and learn how to expertly facilitate them to reach your training goals. Register for the Experiential Expertise Train-the-Trainer, December 1-5, 2009.  Learn how to incorporate the power of experience-based training into your human relations or team development training.  Download the brochureRead more and register on the website.

Webinars on the Website

We have paused our weekly seminar series "Performance Builders Live!" to focus resources elsewhere. And we have the full audio and PowerPoint follow-alongs available in our radio archive. Over 50 webcasts available free on topics including performance management, trouble shooting, employee accountability, effective interviewing, safety, and many more.

Access our Radio Archive here


We're Expanding ... And Changing Our Corporate Address

We are expanding our operations to the Atlanta area and will be moving the main office there by the end of this month to drive those efforts. Our new corporate address is

First Steps Training & Development, Inc.
140 Creekwood Court, Suite 200
Fayetteville, GA 30214

800 number, fax, cell and emails will all remain the same.

As always, we appreciate the opportunity you allow us to "parachute" into your day.  As we near the end of what has been, for many, a challenging year, we encourage you to "keep the faith" -- continue investing in the pursuit of excellence and know that the best still lies before you.  

To Greater Success,

First Steps' CEO and Syndicated Talk Show Host Rob Benson

Rob Benson

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