October 1 , 2009

Learning 4 Performance:
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Issue Focus:  Employee Accountability, part II

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  1. Announcement - Web Seminar Series Beginning This Week (10/01/2009): How to Turn Your Small Business into a Selling Machine (Special Guest: Elizabeth Allen)
  2. Feature Article: Performance Accountability

As we noted in our August issue, your employees need your support, and they need to be held accountable, for them to succeed long term.

In that issue, we explained Performance Coaching, the first of two conversational processes that the supervisor uses to encourage the employee to continue effective behaviors, think about and take ownership for ineffective behaviors, and design and implement new strategies to raise their own performance.

While that sentence is a mouthful, the process itself is quite simple and powerful. Review the rationale for Performance Coaching here. Read the detailed process overview by following this link.

In this issue, we turn to the second step. What if you need to address a "problem performer" and have him choose a better path?

Performance FeedBack - Two Tools

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Feature Article: Performance Accountability

Why are there problem performers in business today? Many supervisors either avoid confronting them or lack the skills to hold successful accountability discussions with them. Ultimately, the performance discussion becomes confrontational; the employee gains control of the discussion and the discussion is destined for failure.

As in Performance Coaching, the goal of the Performance Accountability process is for the Performer to take responsibility for his or her behaviors and develop solutions that stick. What makes the Performance Accountability process the "right" tool for addressing problem performers is that it enables the supervisor to maintain tighter control of the discussion and direct the employee’s energies toward one item only: improved performance.

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Preview of Next Issue

In any human system, the opportunities for miscommunication abound. On teams, we expect team members to fulfill their individual assignments, and we also want them to support one another and act collaboratively. Frequently, we get one of these results but not both.

Next month, we will share the what, whys and hows of using the RACI, a simple and effective tool to ensure that responsibilities, decision-making authority, and lines of communication are clear. The result: Real Teamwork!

Thanks for reading along.  Our newsletter is focused on helping business leaders and human performance professionals succeed in raising workplace performance, and we feel a real responsibility to provide our readers with valuable information in each edition.  If you ever have any questions or suggestions about Learning 4 Performance, please let us know.

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