April 29, 2009

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Welcome to this edition of Learning 4 Performance, a periodic newsletter focused on helping business leaders and human performance professionals succeed in raising workplace performance.

In This Issue:

  1. Feature Article: The Training Hoax
  2. Announcements: Upcoming Public Training Sessions
  3. Facilitator's Tool Box: The Beliefs of Trust
  4. Announcements: Upcoming Radio Broadcasts

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Feature Article: The Training Hoax

When a gap in human performance is noted, many managers want to “throw training” at the issue.There are, in fact, times when training is worse than doing nothing. In other circumstances, training can be the right approach, in fact, the ONLY approach. In this article, we provide a current, real-life example and then explain how to analyze the situation and determine the best way to close the performance gap.


We were recently engaged to develop management training for a public utility. Managers were observing performance discrepancies but turning a blind eye and NOT holding their people accountable.  We were asked to “develop some training on coaching” ...

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Upcoming Public Workshops

Register for the Experiential Expertise Train-the-Trainer, May 27-31, 2009.  Learn how to incorporate the power of experience-based training into your human relations or team development training.  Download the brochureRead more and register on the website.


July 20-22, join us for next public session of Trouble Shooting Logic in Atlanta, GA.  Three intense days in which you will learn the skills needed to analyze complex problems, get to root cause, and avoid costly, incorrect, time-consuming actions.  For more information, download our brochure or visit the website.  We have a few seats available, reserve your spot.


Advance Management Skills: Performance Coaching & FeedBack is a powerful, two-day workshop that will teach you how to provide positive, critical information to your employees so that they hear the message and CHOOSE to improve their own performance.  Get your people focused on results!  The next Advanced Management Skills workshop is July 23-24, 2009 in Atlanta, GA.  Combine it with Trouble Shooting Logic for significant savings.  Click here for more information or register here


Facilitator's Tool Box: the "Beliefs" of Trust

Discussions and interventions around trust often devolve into a debate about whether trust should be “given” or “earned.” In one corner are those who, believing themselves to be trustworthy, cannot understand why others will not put full faith in their intent and/or actions. In the other corner are those who have been “burned” in the past and think it sheer folly to extend trust beyond what has been incontrovertibly demonstrated. “But I’m not like that,” says one. “Prove it,” says the other.

One path forward is to recognize that the statement “I Trust You” is a judgment ...

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This week (Thursday April 30, 2009), we present the second in our series on "World Class Service."  Last week, we introduced what customers really expect from you, in clear propositions that you can use to fine tune your customer service and customer service training.  This week, we get into [MORE HERE]

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