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Absolute Safety, 365
Summer 2008
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Vision: Absolute Safety, 365
Case Study: Safety Leadership
OD Tool: Mind-Set Change
Safety Tool: Behavioral Observations
Training Tool: Feedback Exercise
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Dear Rob,
RI.  TCIR.  TRIR.  TRC.  DART.  Incomprehensible alphabet soup to some, these acronyms all measure the rate of injury in the workplace.  A poor score on this key business measure means the company has also experienced lost productivity, higher insurance premiums and lower profits.  It can even determine whether or not you get that next contract.

Overall, some of the statistics appear to be moving in the right direction: in 2006 (the latest year for which Bureau of Labor statistics are available), the total rate of workplace injury was down to the lowest level since the Survey of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses (SOII) was first conducted in 1972.  Unfortunately, recent reports call these numbers into question.  In "Work Injuries Are Undercounted" (Wall Street Journal, June 19, page A4), the author references research from the University of Illinois which attributes almost all of the decline in Recordable Injuries (RI) between 1992 and 2003 to changes in OSHA reporting regulations.  In addition, by comparing employer generated data reported to OSHA with workers' compensation data, Journal of Epidemiology researchers demonstrate that between 1/4 and 1/2 of all injuries go unreported.  In essence, the overall RI is not as good as we thought; in fact, it's worse.

Whatever the true statistic, it reveals a fundamentally unacceptable condition in today's world: good people being hurt while working to meet company goals and provide for themselves and their families. Safety (for many organizations) is not what it might be, so we've dedicated this issue of "Learning 4 Performance" to Absolute Safety 365, with tips, tools and resources to help you, the manager or workplace learning professional, effectively lead and support safety improvement efforts in your workplace. 

All the Best,
First Steps CEO and Syndicated Talk Show Host Rob Benson
Absolute Safety, 365
Imagine a place where people from all over the world come together to fulfill one common purpose, a place where it doesn't matter what language you speak, a place where achieving that common goal SAFELY is paramount.  Can't be, you say?  Well, it exists in that most reviled of places ... in today's oil and gas industry.

Safety Leadership: the Case Study of an Almost Client

We were recently asked to conduct a preliminary safety assessment prior to submitting a proposal.  The potential client was a Chemical plant within a major multinational corporation: basic stats included approximately 600 employees on site, as well as 300 or so contractors, and a RI (Recordable Incidents) of 0.55.  Although a rate that most companies long for, this plant's stated goal was to take safety, which had plateaued in recent years, to the next level and get their RI moving again towards zero.
OD Tool: To Change the Safety Culture, You Must Change the Mind-Set
If you want to change your organization's safety culture, then whether you understand it or not, you really want to change thousands of individual acts (i.e., human behavior).  If you want to change behavior, you must change Mind-set first.  Unfortunately, the typical ways of addressing behavior change usually don't get us much ...
Safety Tool: Making Behavioral Observations Work
Behavioral Observations are a key to a safe work environment.  So how do we structure Behavioral Observations so that employees see them as beneficial, they actually perform them, and our organization benefits from the information that they provide?
Training Tool: Safety Feedback Exercise
Regular safety feedback, from employee to employee regardless of rank, is one of the cornerstones of an Absolute Safety, 365 culture.  But how do you teach people to deliver effective feedback that is heard and gives the recipient information upon which he or she can and will act?
  1. Teach them a feedback process
  2. Incorporate this feedback activity into your feedback skills training.
Resources: DiSC Profiles at
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Safety is too important, its impact on our people and our bottom line are too significant, to accept anything less than Absolute Safety, 365.  If we can be of help in your safety improvement efforts or you'd like more information on our other training programs, please contact us at your convenience.
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