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The workshop “Performance Coaching” contains good course material as well as good presentation skills by the instructor. The feedback I received was very positive.  We have noticed real improvement in the quality of data entered into our coaching database by our leadership team.


There are a few areas where our site procedures are not in verbatim alignment with what you taught in the workshop. Ironically, we are re-evaluating our procedure for potential enhancements. The material you administered has many key data points that we may have overlooked in procedure development.

Ben Avara, FIN Superintendent, Entergy Operations, Grand Gulf Nuclear Station


We are frequently engaged to provide advanced leadership training & coaching to senior executives. Click on the links to the left for our services to leaders.

If a company succeeds, it is through strong leadership. Leaders determine company goals and strategy, put the right people in the right places, provide the resources and determine the corporate climate.

Excellent leadership is NOT determined by genetics. Simply put, great leaders bring a passion for excellence which they focus through particular processes using specific conceptual frameworks and skill sets. Given the drive, leadership CAN be learned and developed.

First Steps teaches the concepts and skills that develop individual contributors into successful leaders. Explore the links to the left to learn more about our approach.

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