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Do it! This workshop [conflict resolution] is by far one of the most productive/practical workshops I have attended in 18 years of teaching.

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George Loyer is the founder of Directed Action Professional Associates (DAPA).  He acquired First Steps Training and Development (FSTD) in 2010.  He has an international reputation as a Consultant and Seminar Leader in Problem Solving, Decision Making, Performance Engineering, Project Management and Customer Service.  With over 30 years of experience as an Executive Consultant, George is a seasoned professional with a practical and reality-based perspective.  George's expertise in training design, his dynamic skills as a master presenter (he has conducted over 500 successful seminars and train-the-trainer sessions), and his commitment to organizational change through quality instruction make George an invaluable asset for our clients.

He has a proven track record of helping clients achieve high return on their training investments.  At Procter & Gamble, his efforts ranged from developing and implementing a master facilitator program to improving operational critical thinking skills.  With a one time $2.5 million investment over a 4 year period, P&G was able to save $10 million in the first year along with ongoing $3 million annual cost avoidance.

George also developed and delivered a customized operator training package to improve operator training skills in a high turnover, rapid skill acquisition environment.  This training reduced scrap cost by close to $40,000 per new hire.

George is recognized for his expertise in restructuring existing organizational methodologies to achieve greater efficiency.  For example, he developed a Project Management system for a large, privately held aerospace company.  This Project Management system integrated existing Project Management components with new technology.  The resulting Project Management system was cost effective and easily integrated into existing, related management systems.

George has a Chemical Engineering background from Baldwin-Wallace College and a Management degree from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey as well as post-graduate work at Monmouth University.  He and his wife Stephanie Picard live in Lexington, KY.


John Dunbar

John is our Senior VP of operations.  John, among other things, is an internationally recognized paper making / converting expert.  John spent a year in China, for example, assigned to the start-up the Sonjang # 1 paper machine.  While in China, John had 2 primary roles.  He was not only the lead paper making trainer, but was also in charge of the development of the site leadership team.

In addition to his Paper Making / Converting expertise, John is a master of Work Redesign.  He has lead highly successful initiatives at Scott Paper, Kimberly Clark, Mead-Westvaco Corporation, Hercules Corporation, Potlatch Corporation, Glad Manufacturing, Stora Enso Corporation, Appleton Papers Corporation, SCA Corporation and Finch Paper Company.

John began his career in 1974 at the Proctor & Gamble, Mehoopany paper mill in Pennsylvania.  While at P&G John had many different assignments, including Paper Machine Process Engineer.  After 19 years he left P&G and joined Scott Paper Company which was acquired by Kimberly-Clark in 1995.  In 2001 John left KC to start his own Training & Consulting Business. 

During his career in industry and as an independent consulting, John has held the consultant role in over 50 Work Redesign projects.  In addition, he has developed and delivered the training both teams and team leaders required to make the Work Redesign successful.

Results of the interventions he has lead include:

  • Implemented a Work Redesign project within Scott/KC.  At the beginning, this operating department was the lowest producing converting department in all of Scott/KC.  Within 1 year of the Work Redesign project, this same operating depart was #1 in productivity and was breaking corporate production records
  • Implemented a Work Redesign project in a Hercules Chemical Plant.  After developing effective Performance Systems, establishing managing practices and providing training this plant realized a 20%+ increase in productivity.  In addition, a gain sharing program was developed and implemented
  • Developed a behavior based safety program in a KC baby wipes plant.  Within 1 year of implementation this plant reduced its 2.7 Recordable Incident rate to a .8 Recordable Incident rate.  This plant went 14 months without a recordable injury
  • Led the Start up (training, Performance Systems and work system development) of a Paper Machine and 5 converting lines in KC.  As a result of this intervention the entire operating unit started up on time under budget and went 12 months without a recordable injury (150 new employees)

All in all, John has over 30+ years of experience in consulting and Work Redesign in many different environments.

John lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma with his wife Roberta of 40+ years. They have five children and three grandchildren.


In addition to our staff, we rely on an extensive network of Certified Master Facilitators. Each is matched with our clients to best reach client goals.

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